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Wife, Mom,

Naptime Illustrator

In October of 2017, my husband and I had our fourth baby. This fourth child completed our family, and we were over the moon (and perhaps a little frazzled). That December, I suddenly decided that I needed an illustration of my new family of six. So I grabbed the kids’ watercolors and painted one.

I’ve been painting ever since. I began with portraits (and still offer custom portraits), but over the last year and a half, I’ve become interested in illustration. I’m constantly growing. Each finished - or unfinished - painting gives me the chance to celebrate something beautiful or reflect on what went wrong. And this is why I keep going; it’s exciting to learn new skills.

I work mostly with ink and watercolor. I love illustrating children, animals, scenes from daily life, and fanciful images. I hope that my work captures the innocence and the imagination that is a part of every good childhood.

A fresh sheet of watercolor paper holds so much promise. I wonder what will I paint today?